Leader of Mobile Industry UIL is a general component manufacturer representing IT industry.

Greeting from CEO

We will lead the IT market with UIL’s manufacturing capabilities
and innovative technology.

Founded in 1982 as a specialized manufacturer of electronic components, UIL has been contributing greatly to the smartphone industry with its accumulated technology and experience.

We are supplying core electronic components to global smartphone makers and expanding our business area with new items such as not only instrument parts, but also circuit components and smartphone accessories. Therefore, we are growing as a "comprehensive components company".

And we have differentiated technology capability by building a batch development / production system from electronic component development to mold design / production, product processing / assembly and quality control.

And we equipped a global production system by establishing production base in Vietnam, India, and China to secure the ability to supply the best products.

Based on our accumulated technology and experience, we will grow as a company leading the 4th industry in the future.

Thank you so much.

UIL Co., Ltd.

CEO Lee Soon Young